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Finally, we've finished the new tracks! They're a little different from the album in that they're a little less experimental and perhaps a bit more accessible. but that's what happens when you're songwriters and decide to expand - you can come back to where you started, or in this case somewhere half way between the two. we're excited. We like what we've done. they'll be available digitally in the short-term but if we think there's enough interest we'll make them available in other formats too. keep an eye out right here.

meanwhile, check out our videos above. one's called 'see a little light' and is from our live(ish) album, 'torn lips and guilty souls'. we shot it in two sessions, in april and may 2015, in the stokes croft area of bristol and had a blast doing it. it's also available on our facebook and twitter pages so you can see it there. the other video is from 'The future of mass hysteria'. It's called 'to watch over me'and was shot in and around arnos vale cemetery in bristol.





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